I remember two dreams.

I went to the bathroom and either dad or mom had left pee in the toilet seat, it was like two or three drops which I swiped off with toilet paper.

I won a contest which was to have a house in the middle of nowhere by myself for free. There were a few available and until I got there I had no idea which one I got. I had to leave the car far away because there it was Winter and since it was in a mountain the snow was not cleared. I had a lot of luggage with me because I could stay there a long time plus I had to bring my own food. I finally arrived and when I saw the house from afar it looked good but it also looked like it was not a real house then when I got closer it looked like it was finished not too long ago but when I arrived next to it I saw that it was a real house that was finished at least a while ago. Two young women were waiting for me. They started to show me the first room before coming in, it was huge and had lots of furniture and a big freezer and fridge, they showed the inside of the freezer and told me the only food was in there and it was all fresh fish and sea food, they picked up one and told me that this was caught that day. Then they showed me inside and I saw that the family who lived there were still all there, one of the two said that they would leave in a few hours (or they said the next morning) so I had to wait it out. I was angry and disappointed but did not let it show and said with a smile that it was alright. I kept my luggage with me throughout the whole tour eventhough the house was big. Finally we arrived in the living room where the family was, I finally put my luggage down and the dad showed me which television had the satellite, he put on which I thought was a video game but it turns out was a movie with Michael Fassbender, that got me excited but then I saw that I never had seen the movie so I tried to look away to not be spoiled. The chair for the television with the satellite was turned to the other television so I was wondering how will I watch my matches and shows.