I had three dreams last night.

I only remember one thing from the first and that is Celine Dion was in it.

The second I was in my bedroom in my bed with my door opened a little. I saw my grandmother's cat in the hallway then starting to go up in the attick so I called here and she jumped in my bed all happy. I thought about all the cat hair and I pictured it in my mind but I decided that I did not mind.

In the last I was in my bed in my old house (the bed was not where it was). I was awake waiting for the new alarm clock to go on and I was looking at the sun peeking through the shades and thought that it was weird that the sun was shinning so much and then thought that I must not of heard it then I thought that I must of forgot to adjust the sound. So I picked up the alarm clock and saw that the time I had set it to was not there yet but I wanted to do a test to see if the sound was loud enough but it took me a while to find it because there was no sound button on that alarm clock but I did the test anyway (its the same new alarm clock that i put in my bed table last night).