I slept well again. Had more than nine hours in bed, it took me a while (not hours at least) to fall asleep and I woke up at least once but not for too long. I only remember my last dream.

I was running errands with my parents in Causapscal (some if not most looked like a part of where we used to be), I asked him to let me out for a few minutes to my hairdresser's, I said I had something to ask and maybe buy for my hair. When I entered I told her that I wanted to buy an haircut for my mom's birthday (thats what i actually want to do in real life) I also told her that she was behind in the car so that if she would enter to just give her an appointment and act like I was there for something else. I was so happy when I got into the car that I gave her her gift in advance (since her birthday is in march its not that in advance...we were february in the dream too) and she took it badly. She was angry and she started to act like a child who got told no after asking for candy. I took the gift card and broke it in pieces telling her that I was done with them and that when I had found a place I could afford I would be out of there and they would never see me (my dad was out in a store when i gave the gift and that happened). I went straight to my bedroom when we came home, my mom was still angry at me and did not care at all about me ignoring them and wanting to get out of their life completely.