Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember four dreams.

I was watching television with my mom. We (she may of arrived at the part i am about to talk about or a little later) arrived on a channel with a Beverly Hills Cop movie, I said that's weird I don't remember that part and after a while I realised they made one that I had not seen but I still stayed there and after it was done I was angry at myself for having seen the end and most of the rest of a movie I had never seen. I looked at the schedule to see what else was on, the only thing that looked interesting was that movie playing again but it played on channels with commercials and I was saying that I did not want to see a new movie with commercials and I was angrier at myself because of what I had just done. When I wa almost done looking at the schedule my mom said wait is that and I said I don't know so I went back down until I found it then put the television on that channel, gave my mom the remote eventhough she hates having it and left her there with it.

I was making fresh pasta dough. Gordon Ramsay came in. He washed his hands and came behind me so I let him finish the dough which he did by showing me how and giving me tricks. It ended up being sensual then we ended up kissing and soon after we ended up having sex on the kitchen table.

I was at the grocery store and I asked them to check a lotto ticket for me and it ended up being a winner of 50 million dollars. I was in shock, I could barely believe it. Everyone around was celebrating and I still could not believe it. They made me a booklet of more than 2,000$ in points (that i had to pay but they figured later) and gave it to me but I asked for my ticket and they started acting weird saying that I did not need it, after a while of asking and them teling me different things I finally woke up and reached someone from the lotto company when they gave me the booklet. Someone came with me and they were very angry at the store. I ended up with the money and moved to Germany. I did not want to live in poverty or to stop myself from enjoying life but I did want that money to last until I died so I picked a not too fancy place. The appartment complex had dark red doors and the higher you lived the fancier the appartment was, it was also hard to travel through, when I was trying to get to my place (i seemed lost but kept on looking at the number of my key and the doors) I ended up seeing a janitor working and I talked to him in English but luckily he also talked that language (told him i was knew to the country and was slowly learning the language but i had trouble...told him the few words i knew and he said i was saying them ok). I finally arrived at my appartment, it was at the top, I had choosen it not because it was the fancier but because it had a chimney so I would be able to save money by heating my appartment by fire. I had been out shopping.

All I remember (just remember it when i was writing the other dream at the lotto part) was that I was hurrying by taking all my things to move and I asked my dad to pick me up or I asked for a taxi or someone to stop and drive me somewhere else when I came out and it ended up being my dad. We stopped or I asked to stop then asked him to check out a lotto ticket for me, it looked like a Metallica lotto ticket.