Last night I had a dream you almost have to visualize. Some people might be able to interpret it some may find it symbolic, I'm currently in between...

It's short. There were 2 screens.

In the background there was that green DOW market image w/the graph that shows the ups and downs of the highs and lows and a middle line going through the center of it.

In the forefront there was a pig (which was symbolic) at least that's what was said. It represented the "Piggy-Bank."

The pig had a play in words or a rhyme, which I'm still trying to remember. I get flashes of it.

But the "Piggy-Bank" represented finances. And one of the words was "Tilted."

In the end the bank was bottom up, but landed on its snout.

The message, at least what I got was..."With a little tilting, having to do w/commodities (I think) when it buckles, by the snout, even the (that's the word I can't remember, it rhymes w/swine) will be protected.

Specifically, you had to "Tilt" like an abstract view of money and finances and what a relatively normal person's finance would be protected.

I don't believe this was a "regular dream."

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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