I dreamt about a meri-go-round that wouldn't stop. An issue that in the family isn't getting resolved but getting worse is getting to me. I also had weird dreams, creepy and strange - I don't know where they come from. Dreams are amazing.

I had one a few weeks back, which was full of ppl and different bright colours exploding everywhere as I was on a ride flying past them all, in one part I was going down a circular car park and as I reached each person they had a party popper that exploded with colour - it was the most amazingly colourful dream I've ever had. I wasn't in control of the ride but I found it thrilling. Then I was leaping over cars as fireworks of colour wen't off, green, yellow, purple, pink - they were so bright it was awesome. When I woke I was sad it was over.

What does it mean?

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