I remember three dreams.

I had a question about a Bird I had seen. I ended up in a home where I thought they were animal enthusiasms and who took care of them but I soon realised after starting to talk to them (a man answered my question then started to talk about other birds then he ended up talking about tigers). I was looking around while listening and saw that it was dirty and there were lots of animals and people. I was not scared but in case they could hurt me I was being nice and saying things like yes Tigers could be great pets and be happy too. At one point a woman came in with a small can of food with some missing and she said to another man here, it was their last food and he ended up giving some to the man who was talking to me while the woman eventhough she was hungry she was not eating. By the end I was either thinking or saying that I could donate all the while wondering how to save these animals and get out of there.

I was going to do my first grocery shopping. I ended up trying to enter the wrong way so I made believe that my cell phone was ringing then stopped, took it and started to talk. When I entered the store I continued talking to myself on the phone in case I would again look like a fool. I remember at one point not being on the phone where the breads were, we could taste some of their breads, there were a lot of people there taking more than one part like they were supposed to. I wanted to try some but first I did not know if the breads or some had nuts and if the people touching the breads had nuts on them.

Christian Bale was Batman but he was kind of crazy. He had lots of long scars and one was on his face. He found some criminals and let them beat them, he even seemed like he enjoyed it and he had asked for it even saying more. Then I was in his house, I first met him when I was in the pool. He came in without no shirts and I had big eyes looking at all the scars. He did not seem to mind me looking but he was depressed. I was thanking him for letting me stay and that I was so happy to be in his amazing pool which was the first time I was in a pool. Then we were walking and we walked by something that had a huge television, we saw that it was Conan who was about to tell an halloween story and we liked these stories so we sat down to watch. I had to keep a door open so we could see. I also sat next to him who he was now Tom Cruise, we were touching legs (my left - i was taking my right leg to keep the door open - it looked like a barn) and at first I kind of sat up to move but I did not move a lot because I thought that he could be more depressed thinking that I did not want to touch him, I sat next to him again touching him and moved a little again to make him feel good.