I again had three deams last night.

The first I was walking. My dad was also walking with a dog. The daughter of one of my cousin was walking with one of her dogs (the dog had the right name but did not look at all like he does in real life), when he saw me he started running towards me and she was calling him but he stayed with me. We ended up in a montain and camped there then decided to stay there.

The second was weird and small. I was with a lot of people including Prince. We wanted to listen to music but all there was available was tapes with nice songs but they were parts of mixes so only a few seconds each. Then I went into a room and Prince decided to try to sell a tape of his and he was insulted that the man wanted to give him 20$. I entered the room alone and ended up in a bubble bath but I then remembered that Prince was supposed to come in to so I tried to hide myself because I do not think that he is hot.

The last I was with other people on another planet. It was cold outside and the buildings we lived in were huge. An outbreak arrived and most people became infected but the rest including me were able to close most of the main building and we had food, water and electricity for years. On Earth they decided to leave us there without sending any help, there was a woman who was fighting for us but she got blackmailed so she could not fight for us. The infected (they looked normal..not mutated at all) tried to enter, I and other people were in the middle of them but I and some others were able to get back inside with no problems. I somehow knew that we would be left there and at the beginning I thought we would be better off dead but then I thought it would be okay.