I remember four dreams.

A heated discussion had started on an old thread in a forum (here i think) and in the heat of that someone posted that it was old so that discussion should not be happening or/and that meant that what we were saying was not important.

I was with a friend and we ended up in a restaurant. The owner had a small space that he wanted to rent out to someone but he did not know to who exactly. I had the idea that he should add a dancer or/and singer there for entertainment and he found that idea interesting. I and my friend was in that space and I was showing her what he could do when at one point I farted loudly, it was not the first time I farted and she was nice to completely ignore that.

I was listening to my favorite songs and dancing to them when I realised some of the songs I wanted to hear were missing. I turned on the radio and kept changing the channels until I would hear a song I loved but by then people were near so I did not danced and i turned down the volume but I still wanted to dance.

Justin Bieber was being interviewed and right after while he was walking away with two men his true self came out. A man was his bodyguard and the other his agent, one picked him and walked him like that while the other was massaging his feet. All the while he was saying what he wanted to do next. They both were doing their job like it was normal and they were not ashamed. They were in public with many people around.