I remember three dreams.

Me and my parents had moved to a new house. We were outside looking at the neighborhood when a storm was coming. Dad was near me and mom was farther. For some reason we had some things on the electric cord that was on the electric pole. She decided to get up there. I was looking at that like everything was normal. When up she was thinking how to safely go to our things and get them down. The wind was starting to get stronger, I though (or said or screamed - cannot remember exactly) be careful and she then started to move forward, almost instantly she was swept by the end and she ended up trapped in a cord (looked like a normal cord not electric) I looked in horror my mom being moved in circles in that cord while falling to the ground. At first it looked like only her body would be trapped by the cord but it then went to her neck and started to chocked her. I screamed to my dad to do something, he was a few feet in front of me and looking at that and he did not care at all about what was happening. I was petrified and could not move.

I had rent a big house in Ottawa. I arrived by car (cannot remember if my dad drove me or a taxi or a friend or someone else) and got a tour before they left. I decided to call a taxi and then go rent movies. But before I tried to figure out (had a flashback of then showing me how to use the dvd [i think it was a vcr] and then still be able to use the tv) how to use the player and the television at the same time, it took me a long time and first I found the remote control guide. When I was able to do it I decided on how to spend my days there then calculated how much movie I needed for all my time there. I then called a taxi and was happy when I arrived there because it was a place I knew (had to do with our new or old place which is impossible). I remember renting the movies and coming back. I also remember walking around the house and using their pool. I also remember wanting to walk around and swim naked but scared someone would look at me. I was told they would go away from their property when I would be there but I felt like they were still there (not in the house).

I heard one beep of my alarm clock and I woke up.