I remember one dream.

It was a family reunion (i think i was there but im not sure). Someone did not liked their grandmom for something that had happened years ago but when that person (a woman i think) ate a cookie from a sheet that came from the oven she started to change about it. There were lots of people and lots of food. When the feast started a young man came from upstairs and went to the people outside and screamed to all come inside the house which they did because he kept on screaming hysterically. When everyone was inside or just before he screamed to lock every doors and windows, when that was done before he started to explain the door rang and it was the best friend of the granddad, when he went to get up from the couch to answer the young man screamed you cannot opened the door there's an epidemy out there and it is contagious, anyone who catches it dies slowly while bleeding from everywhere and having their organs melt away. The man outside was hysterical begging for us to help his wife but none of us opened the door. There was a thought to go get the outside food but none dared do that. There was also a thought of closing the glass doors and windows with wood so that no one would brake in. A zombie (at least 1) came and was trying to get in.