Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

I was part of a group that was meeting Putin. I brought with me Ti-Pit (my favorite teddy bear..he was bought before i was born) which I left in my hotel room. I put on a black suit. I was sitting straight, acting professional and had a translator in my ear. The meeting went well. After I decided to go outside in the snow so I was putting on Winter clothing and I saw while I was doing that a man that was doing the same, he had a Michael Schumacher coat on and I told him that he would be okay (i said that there were no signs of him being brain dead or a vegetable....if there were eventhough they have been very secretive for him and his family that something like that would of somehow come out and it did not so it meant that it was good news...that he was probably out of his coma now and doing well and getting better day by day), after saying that the man looked at me indifferent and went out in the night and the snow (while i was thinking about that dream before getting up i realised that it may of been my brother). I went outside too, there were lots of snow and it was dark, I had lots of fun. But I decided to come back inside to get Ti-Pit and I asked my mom to get me something to cover my boots because I did not want to get them off for a short time or unless the floor would be dirtied so she looked around and decided to use my pair of pants that can be worn three ways, she took off the bottom part and then the rest was zipped back and I was holding on to the pant to go inside. For some reason to get him I decided to go through a computer, I made a mistake and clicked on the wrong button, it change Ti-Pit's position in the computer and it meant that only his icon was there, that he (the file) was gone. I started having a panic attack and after starting to search everywhere I screamed at my mom that he was gone, gone forever and to please find someone that knew computers to find him. She looked at me like my brother (if it was him...still not too sure) but started to looked in a phone book under the word computer.