Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

I was an old wrestler. I was in a basement where it was a reunion of many of us. They all had lived a good life after their carreer and I had not but I was (when people were talking to me....they were not mostly because they did not like me) inventing stories like my life too was good. Before the reunion was over we ended up around a big table for a show with Bill Maher, it was like a different and longer version of Real Time Overtime, I was not the most liked and I had not lived a good life after my carreer but I was the most intelligent so I talked a lot. At the end I gave a hug to Bill Maher and then I was trying to look busy so that I could leave last so they did not see me leave by foot. Someone offered me a ride home with others and I accepted. When I was in the car (a mini van) the driver turned into a cousin of mine but I was still an old wrestlers and the others too. It was Christmass time and I had said that my wife and kids were waiting for me at my home (i had gifts with me...looked like easter gifts). When we ended up at my house it was dark and to save face I said that they must be to another house near and that I would just go there by foot but the driver said oh I know where it is so I will drive you there and there too the house was dark so I said oh well then they are at their grandma's and he knew that house too. There it was all lit so I said thank you and left the car with the gifts, my kids were really in there and it was really the grandma's house but everyone except my kids hated me so I made believe that the tape around my right foot and ankle was loose while hoping they would leave so that I could walk back to my house (that grandmas house was far from mine and it was night and cold with lots of snow and melting snow) but he was waiting so I got up and rang the doorbell (he left before or after the door opened). They were not happy to see me but my two kids saw me before they could get rid of me so they let me in. I immediately gave them their gifts. My dog saw me and looked happy and not happy at the same time to see me, I was able to pet him a little (he looked like Toby a neighbors house). Before leaving I went to a room with my two kids and there I changed into a woman who was a fugitive.