I remember three dreams.

I got upstairs to do the dishes, dad was in front of his television. When he would go to a dubbed movie I would open the oven fan so I could not hear it. He finally closed his television and went to the bathroom. It was very late so I thought he would just go to bed but he went downstairs, he was walking in circles. When I was about done he went into my room and opened my television. So now I was stuck upstairs and could no go there to finish with my computer so I decided to stay upstairs and wait until he would come back upstairs.

Dwayne Johnson was in there, it was a little like Walking Tall, he came to a small town to start a new life but there were a gang of criminals there who did not liked him living there. They were making threats to him and he warned them that he could defend himself and that also he also knew a lot of people who were dangerous. They laughed about that so he called his friends who were all either ex-military or people like that. Everyone were at the same place and supposed to fight it off but it became like a contest of different things not real fights. The first in his group was supposed to show off gymnastic skills but when he arrived at the last second he was limping, he had been attacked and hit on one foot, right where it touches the ground. But that man went there anyway and while the others were proud of themselves he actually did what he was supposed to do and landed perfectly eventough it hurt him a lot.

I was doing gymnastics. I was doing it in public (it looked like my house in Saint-Hubert). People thought that I was a gymnast since very young but I had actually learned it when an adult.