I remember one dream.

I was living in my Saint-Hubert house (at the start it felt and looked like i was in an apartment). I kept getting men asking me to dates but I was not attracted to these men so I always said no. The door bell rang (or someone knocked) so I was like oh no not again, it was again a man with invitations but that man was cute so I let him in and looked at his invitations that he had put in a gift bag like it was gifts. The invitations were not interesting to me but it was so cute the way he had given them to me (the second came with a card and stickers - the stickers were still on the sticker page and were stuck together but he had given me Elmo stickers and i was happy about that and it was slowly pulling them apart smiling). I told him that we could stay there instead and he said yes. I (this is when it turned into my old house) had a bunch of dishes to do and we used the rest to eat then I invited him upstairs and he followed. We ended up in my bedroom but at the same time my parents were back from a vacation (they turned right by my window eventhough my bedroom there was on the second floor + there was a tree right there) I just did not cared and with the door closed we went straight to my bed and had sex. Mom came right in my bedroom saying they had brought McDonald's and she was angry when she saw me. We finished having sex and then she was complaining about the dishes and I said that we were going to do it after and then she said oh yes there you were naked and I said well of course that is how sex is done, you know about sex right?