I remember two dreams.

All I remember from the start and middle that a Dog was there, at the end that Dog was depressed and wanted to sleep outside and I was going to stay with him but mom said that she would. She only had on a short sleeve shirt and panties, she went straight on the ground which was stupid so I said at the least you should have a blanket but she said that she was okay but I went to find one particular blanket and to find it I had to look all over and by the time I had found it everything was all over the floor. I gave it to her and she said it would be okay, I looked at how stupid this was, the Dog was like hidden in a pile of things and she was outside of this, she tried a few pillows and when one ended up high up she said with a smile that this was it, that that was like she was sleeping in a mattress.

I was in a group that was working to infiltrate SeaWorld, we had gotten jobs for them but when we arrived there I immediately became enraged even before we entered. The others tried to calm me remainding me were there to save all the animals but I just could not help it. When we entered I started to insult everyone I would see and the place, when I would see animals and where they were kept my heart would break and that would enrage me more. I went straight to where the office of the person in charge was and the secretery said that I could not enter and I said something sarcastic mixed with anger and went straight there and was able to close then lock the door before the security people stopped me. I looked around and said wow there's no way we won't find anything that will shut them down and I started to look around (i think someone else was with me - someone from the group). I found something and put it in one of my back pocket and then left.