I had about nine hours in bed. Took a while to fall asleep and woke up a few times. I took about an hour before getting up. I remember one dream but barely (it was a dream that was all over the place).

I was a man living in Europe, I met a couple and told them that sometimes I let people stay in my appartment and that eventhough I knew none of them and did not try to know them before nothing bad ever happened. So I told them they could stay if they wanted to (i knew they were dangerous but they did not know i knew so i acted stupid and innocent). We all dressed our best to go out in a club. A beautiful woman came in (i thought noone would even look at me except for laughing at me...until that woman that was what was going on) and she only had eyes for me. Then I was back to being myself and I was in a train. I was running away from a man and his family and he came in the train with them. He begged me to stay and his children and dog too. They wanted to show they needed me and they had a show planned for this. It started with the dog barking and doing tricks then I heard a car engine and said a Ferrari and they were all how did you know and I said I always guess when an engine is a Ferrari. They took off a big cover and it was a red Ferrari. I was so in awe of that beautiful car. The last thing I remember is me touching the car.