I've noticed your dreams have a lot of people who happen to have creative people in them. On some level, you must or your Soul relate to them. I've had people like that pop into my dreams here and there as well. For me, on some level, I feel comfortable speaking to large groups of people. However, I'm more comfortable, "keeping it real." So, creative...but in the background. I'm curious what you might think? At times I feel the dreams represent moving past my comfort zone - just a thought.

A dream I had, I'll never forget (for me anyway). It wasn't negative, but surreal.

So, my husband and I were by the ocean and I pointed up in the sky and a cloud took formation. I said, "Look! You know who that is don't you?" He couldn't see it. The cloud took more and more formation and it was George Washington.

We both stared at the sky and George started to thin, bleeding into the horizon. Eventually, Washington set into the waters, leaving the skyward post.

I dove into the ocean, but the waters didn't sting my eyes. I could see everything! There was a man in a chair at the bottom, in the sand and he'd taken his shorts (heavy clothing) and set them aside w/a crystal on top of them to keep them from floating away...he was just relaxing, under the waters, reading books and writing stories smile

To me the dream has something to do w/someone contemplating some well deserved time to reflect and relax, as if they want more personal balance in their lives???

Yes, this is what my "sleep-time" is like. Almost like still being at work, doing what I do...

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