I remember two dreams.

I was shopping in a Winners or a store like that. Almost everything was at a very low price but not a lot of these things I thought looked nice. When I had three things with me three people just grabbed it out of the cart and then I realised it was the policy of that store when everything was in liquidation prices. So I grabbed back my items and kept shopping while holding it all. At the end I met back with my family (dad was dad but he did not look like himself - also i had a sister) and I showed them what I found and when I saw my sister she had on what she had found and it was like she was a prostitute almost but me and my parents were more concerned about her having dirty clothes on and if the store would allow it but they did, they just scanned the items while on her.

I received a letter about bank statements the government asked me last month in real life. On the letter it said that they found the documents to be weird so they would cut me, at least that's what I thought that sentence meant so I called the number and asked what was up and the man who replied asked for my file number and I was searching the papers for it and then while searching he said call me back and I said okay while holding the line and when I found it I said I found it and then the number and he was still holding so he searched for my file.