I remember three dreams.

It was war and we were defending ourselves with big robots that were controlled by humans like in the movie Pacific Rim. I was a soldier there and I do not know if that was the plan and if yes that I was the one that was supposed to do it but suddenly while I was in the battlefield I had a bomb on me and I started to run then somehow while running and jumping I climbed at the top of one that was not with us (unless it was a monster - cannot remember that too) and when I was at the top I put the bomb then immediately jumped while thinking that I was going to die soon but a robot from my side was near and the two persons in it was able to catch me and protect me from the blast so I survived and without any injuries. After we won there were lots of us who had died, I remember Vin Diesel who was one of the robot controllers crying after we saw the rest of one of our robots and that is it.

The actors and actress from Beverly Hills 90210 were there. It was the moving day of Brenda and Brendon and in that dream they moved to a bigger house than the show. Brenda met Dylan while out and she invited him to her house and he accepted. She showed him around and she invited him upstairs to the bedroom and right there the kitchen was for until they finished unpacking and some renovations. They kept looking at each others and ended up in bed, right before they really were having sex the rest of her family arrived (do not remember if they were caught or not). Brendon ended up giving Dylan a ride and Brenda came too.

I came to my computer and just when I sat on my chair we lost electricity.