I only remember a part of a dream and my last dream.

The part dream was with Angelina Jolie, she was pregnant and the baby was about to be born and she was very rude and annoying. There was a lot of people in the room and they were supposed to be her kids but they were all adults and did not look like them at all. Brad Pitt finally arrived at the right time before the baby was born and he had to work very hard to get there.

My dream was me watching television and I saw in the schedule that an horror movie I loved when younger was playing so I went there but it was dubbed in German and that made me angry because it was on an English channel then I saw that another horror movie I loved was playing elsewhere and it was playing in English but eventhough it was like I already seen it years ago it was a movie that I had never seen but I watched it like I have, I could hear myself talk about what was going on while watching the movie but I never did see myself. The victim was very nice and when he started talking to the psychopath who was about to kill him I felt so bad for him. I woke up before he was killed, I don't recall if he knew what would happen to him before I woke up.