I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that it kept stopping and changing until I either woke up from it or that it stopped by itself, it was either just what I had on that changed or at least something else.

Me and my family (we did not look at all like we do and in that dream we were a closed and loving family) were living in a city where we were not allowed emotions. We were showing our emotions and having fun in our house but outside we were playing the part. The others though were getting suspicious and one day when I came home alone from school a girl from there followed me too and asked to come in and I said yes eventhough I did not want her too. She immediately began painting signs (with what seemed to be blood - she later said it was animal blood) all over the house saying it was to pure it since there were bad talks about us. I acted like I was supposed to so that my family was not found out. When she was almost done my brother came back and he was acting goofy but when he saw my look that I gave him through the window he started acting like he was supposed too. After she was done she left and when my parents came back we started our plan to get away.

The family from the last Godzilla was there but there were a sister in there too. It was just after the blast and the woman woke up after being in a coma for a long time, she was very shocked when she realised she was alive and before being happy about it she asked how and her overjoyed husband told her. The kids too were happy to have their mom back. She got treatments while in her come to get rid of all the nuclear poison and she needed more but she would be able to get rid of it all and go back to her old self when it would be done.