Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember three dreams.

It was an arm factory (mostly guns and bullets), suddendly it all stopped and they said they were looking for a traitor but soon after they said they were really looking for someone who would work for the other side. Then (i dont remember if it was in the same factory or another) there was another stop in the work but that time they immediately said they were looking for someone who would work for the other side.

I was Valerie Malone from Beverly Hills 90210. I had to go get a job and ended up working in a restaurant. The boss was a major jerk. He not only was awful to his employees but to his customers too. After being mean to a customer he went straight to being mean to me, I was taking it because I really needed that job. David was also there (did not know it) and he came there and defended me. First he was kind of nice but the man would not stop so he was more firm and when the man was on the floor (nothing too physical was done...in fact he barely touched him if he did) he told him that that was him being nice and that next time it would not be like that. I was very happy about that. Then David asked me out but I was so in shock with what had happened that I did not understand that his invitation was a date and I told him that I would just go back home and relax. He was sad and almost angry about that. I think after that he left and I maybe realised what I did.

I was watching television and my mom was in a rocking chair in the other living room and she kept on insulting me and throwing me mean sentences so I had enough and closed the television, grabbed my food then while leaving the room I told her I hope you enjoyed that because that was the last time you did it. She laughed. I dropped the salt on the floor of the kitchen (or did that after doing what happened next) then went where she was and I asked her how could she do that especially since she knew I was suicidal again, I looked straight in her face while being closed to her and not one care or expression of caring was in that face and she was still laughing and before and during all that she kept on throwing mean things and insults at me. She got up and before she did that I threw my food on the floor. She asked me to pick it up and I said no.