I remember four dreams.

I was like a Lara Croft. I went on a mission that seemed impossible but I succeeded anyway. I remember a man coming with me, me coming back on a private jet and a woman I did not liked or she did not liked me or both of us did not liked each others living in the huge house I was living in.

I was rich and decided to go in a truck stop and ask for a lift. I wanted to find someone nice. I was able to and when I was in his truck I asked him if he liked steak and he said of course and I then asked him if he wanted one cooked by Gordon Ramsay and at first he was shocked but then he realised I was telling him the truth. I told him where to go. He had to stop for more diesel fuel, when he was doing that I came out to walk around. I was wearing pajamas. One of the trucker there started to laugh at me by laughing and insulting me in a high voice, almost screaming. I smiled and when he was done with the insults I came close and after asked him if he recognized me or after that I told him that I was a billionaire and that he had blew it. At first he was laughing but then he recognized me and stopped laughing.

I (did not look like myself but it was me) was driving in an old fast car. When I was stopped somewhere and coming back to my car I saw a woman running for her life, she had cuffs on and was very dirty and bloodied a little too. There were many cops around but I knew that she was not a criminal and that the cops fake or real were in on this. I was parked near a corn field which is where that woman was running. I with my back to the cops said softly to enter my car without any noise and to hide, I opened the back door close to that field and she entered it. I was moving slowly so that I would appear normal. I then started to drive and I stopped to talk to one of these cops to ask for directions eventhough I knew where to go, this too was to appear normal (1 of the cops looked like Cole Hauser - thats the 1 i asked directions to) and it worked. I then started to drive away from there.

A teenage boy was in a cooking contest. He came out with a pizza dough with hot sauce in it then added a little hot sauce on it when it was cooked then three pieces or what seemed to be chicken or some other meat or fish. The judges liked it and he then thought or said or did both about cutting the topping in small pieces so to have some in every or almost every bites.