I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with clothes and doors or just one door then I woke up (in real life) terrified and heard noises and I was still terrified (the third noise i realised it was my dad still up watching tv).

All I remember is that it had to do with Birds.

My once best friend (she cannot even write me her address by email - the last time i heard from her is after i sent an email about the fire and she replied) came and visited me. We had a good time, on her last night here I woke her up with a dream of mine, it was very early, I went to the bathroom but did not pee because I did not want to fall back asleep for too long but I did. She got up while I was still asleep to eat before going. She told my mom what happened and ate breakfast with her. Just before she was about to go I got up and went straight to her at the door and gave her a hug.