I remember one dream.

I was in space with George Clooney (he was his character from Gravity and i was the 1 Sandra Bullock played) and just like in the movie we were not traveling through space but in the Earth's orbit. Something had happened and we still had power and could stay in the thing without dying but the power we needed to come back was gone plus we were not drifting away from Earth. We were there for a while (at least days), we were sitting in silence and I suddenly thought of something and I said it aloud while going there. He thought about and then realised that I was correct (i said that by cutting the oxygen it would give us enough power to enter back into our atmosphere and then safely came back down without missing any oxygen on the way since there was enough - im sure it wouldnt work in real life lol) so we did it after making sure we were directly below Earth because it would cause a huge bump when we would do it. After entering Earth like in the movie we ended up in the water somewhere but when we opened the door water did not came in, he was about to jump but I said no wait our suits are too heavy we will drown with it and we took them off. After swimming we very fast came back on our feet to see where we were. There was a house near but when we got there we realised that it was like in a movie set, it was all new but closed off. We started to walk depressed when at a train station that was like the house we saw an Asian family that were tourists. I cannot remember who talked to them first but one member knew English and they translated for us who we were, what had happened and that we needed help.