Spent nine hours and thirtythree minutes in bed. Had a great night. Remember two dreams.

My mom was in the back seat of a vehicule (i think it was a car) with a blanket on her. Someone (a man i think) was shocked by how long she was barely eating and she was milking this all she could by looking like she was dying and saying that she was just eating all she could to stay alive. I was there rolling my eyes when she was saying that (dont remember where i was and also where the man was).

I and many people ended up stuck on a street that was flooded (dirt street...it looked like we were in the jungle). Some people tried to repair the road by moving dirt around. We stayed there a few days then the next thing is that I was out, I actually decided to drive in the water and I made it. I ended up in a city and I was searching for a gas station because I had almost none left, I saw some in both ways I looked (got out of the car i think while my car was in the middle of a road or crossroad), I saw gas stations at both sides and I wanted a Shell for the air miles, I decided on a way and went there (dont remember which way) and I stopped when I saw a man which was immediately after turning if there was a Shell near by (or maybe before i asked for a gas station the that 1) and he said yes but the Shell was the other way. Then I ended up where they were destroying a forest (i think something else happened between these things..not too sure though) and I started crying, I saw a baby Black Bear there so I saved him, some people (at least 1 man that i recall) were not pleased with that and after saying that I would not give him up we were on the run, we ended up in the boat and the mother Black Bear followed us, she saw us before I could see her, she saw me holding tight her baby and giving him kisses and she knew I had saved him. When I saw the mother I walked near and let the baby go, he went to see his mom.