I remember two dreams.

I yelled at my dad (cannot remember why now - i started the third sentence and it came back to me - i had prepared a mix of hot [almost boiling] water with soap and i had this in my hands and when i put it on the floor [i was being very careful] it spilled a little so he said something about it and i yelled i could of burned myself but what you care about is the floor) and I changed rooms to not let him get to me. We were living in a huge place that looked like a grocery store. I came near a room that had mom and him in it, dad had brought something but mom did not need it and she told him and he yelled you tell me I do not do nothing around here and when I do it is not good enough and laughing I yelled now you know how it feels. He got mad and walked to the front door and I yelled that's right run away like usual, at first mom was smiling while working but then she looked at me saying no with her head and a finger in front of her mouth. I saw dad and when he was through a door but still inside but near the exit I screamed dad over and over so he would not let go (feeling some types of remorses) he had changed appearance and clothes, he had tattoos but still looked like himself.

All I remember is a small type of animal with teeth, lots of pointy teeth.