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By the way, I get a funny feeling that your husband could have a career in politics. He will be able to move in at the grassroots level, representing some facet of the common worker. Encourage him to speak up to make changes on the local level. You may not like this new direction for him as you will be inundated by the unsavory energies of political people. But your husband can accomplish some good things.

You called that one, Lori, lol!

The thing about "politics" is this. Just keep me away unless you really, I mean REALLY want to know...then I can offer what it is I "see" - feel coming.

It's hard too. Because it's such an expansive article, involving many people/things, etc. I can only describe verbally which almost always makes sense to someone asking...so the person would have to be VERY patient. I'd probably, almost even need an etch-a-sketch too, lol, just to draw what's coming in. It's fast and usually in sensations and pictures.

As far as candidates go, I'd be good at that, as well as something along the lines of jury selection. I've actually no problem, his going into politics - as for me, just keep me away from disturbing issues. What I WOULD be able to offer, are good judgment calls, prior to the events entrance. I'd have to be in a position where it does something good for the masses, not destruction, etc.

Currently, there's a person in his surrounding - well, there are many actually, but one will misappropriate fundings. Those are things I keep to myself. Kind of like a "Client/Dr./Lawyer privilege confidentiality" thingy (plus I can't spell, lol...so not much of a threat there). wink

I simply tell him to try an not lose himself in the process and become comfortable w/"Respectfully sir, I'm not comfortable signing this or that." For it will be HIS signature that (should this occur) be under investigating. smirk

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