I had a most beautiful dream that stood out from the rest of the dreams last night.

I was in a lush, green backyard with old, mature trees with draping canopies. Birds flit here and there. We were preparing for a special celebration and I marveled at the ethereal decorations, long trailing lights and blossoms (much like the wedding scene in the movie Twilight). But it was daytime now.

I sat at a table draped with a white cloth. The largest owl I've ever seen was on a low branch nearby and he came to my table. He was tremendous! Stunning! I reached for some party mix and I crunched it in my hand and fed it to him. He accepted it.

There were two tiny critters on the table amidst the party mix and decor. At first, they looked like tiny hedgehogs but I saw that they were mice. I didn't want the owl to eat them so I carefully scooped them up and placed them on the ground near the edge of the garden as I whispered, "Quickly, hurry. Quietly now."

The house itself was older and I saw my daughter in one of the windows. I knew that I wouldn't be staying in this house forever and something made me think that my daughter might stay here after she dies. I thought, "No, no she will not die while we still live here." I did not want my daughter's spirit to stay earthbound.

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