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I remember less than one percent from a dream.

All I remember was that many actors were in it and that there was spaceships. I don't remember if it was our spaceships or if there was an invasion or both.

I find your dream interesting on a spiritual level, Nancy, although everything is spiritual really.

Some spiritual thoughts look at life on earth as a drama playing out and that we all are merely actors on a stage. You often dream about actors and actresses, too.

In some ways, I believe that your inner self yearns to experience so much more than you are experiencing in your current life situation. You may feel stifled or stuck in your own life right now and to dream of actors who play many different roles and characters must feel like freedom and excitement to you.

The spaceships are key, too, because they can carry you into space into unknown territory. New places and people to discover.

They also bring alien contact to us.

Either way, it appears that you are wanting something different in your life.

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