I was in bed for less than ten hours. I did not slept well at all. I remember (barely except for the first because it was so short).

In the first I had a lot of mucus in my mouth (throat really). I was trying to get rid of it. I tried swallowing, using a tissue to blow my nose, clearing my throat and spitting. I looked in a mirror and there was a lot of it, most was on my uvula and around.

In the second it was like Insidious but the sequel (i saw when it will finally be playing here last night). The couple was divorced and instead of two kids they had one and it was a girl (i was that girl). The woman had custody of the child and she was living in a big house in what looked like a gated community, the man was living in another state in a less luxurious place and was working hard. On night it all started again (the spirits and haunting) but the girl was not scared, only the mother was. They ended up outside and she was hysterical, several of the neighbors were looking on. The dad called and the mom after freaking out on him gave (or the girl took the phone away) the phone to the child and she was happy to talk to her dad. Soon after I was with the father who ended up calm but worried (calm because his child on the phone was not freaking out). He was going to his work by car, a cop's car. He talked normally about what happened to his family and that it may of started again.

In the last the (i was again in my old house and neighborhood...speaking of that yesterday i forgot to mention that when i ended up with the cops it was not my neighborhood anymore....i realised that error during the day and now just remembered that i did not correct it) neighbor right in front of the house had cheesy billboards that he was one by one putting on school buses (would change them every school day before the bus would pick up the kids). Everyone including the kids were ashamed of these billboards. Finally one early morning he decided to put them away. I and other people were relieved. Tom Hanks (who was not the man using these cheesy billboards) was the one having to put them away. I was with him (i looked young). He decided to recycle them instead of putting them away safe. I was scared and said that he should not do it and but he did and he was not scared at all. We were in the car and driving somewhere, I was still scared and he was calm. We were motioned to stop at the park (we remained in my old neighborhood) and a man asked me to come with him so he could ask me questions about the billboards (it was Lindy Ruff).