I have dreams and remember them, for awhile anyway, they're really emotional...

But last night was, for me, out of my element. I'm more earthy, animal friendly, jeans/T-shirt, kind of person. So I'll do my best.

The dream was a high-profile gathering of some sort. Now what I got I wrote down (I sleep in increments) and have a notepad next to my bed.

Anyway, the impression I got was a celebration of some type, like an event, even a wedding. BUT it was deffinately someone of I guess higher class than myself because the FBI was involved.

So, I'm going to go with a wedding or something BUT that (my expereince has been) doesn't mean it actually WAS a wedding, just a gathering of wealthy individuals for some type of celebration.

Anyway, there were caterer's, and the food, there was something wrong with it.

In the dream I was taking pictures and I was getting married at the same time I was in an RV and a boat at the same time.

So the FBI requested my photos because they felt the suspect would be in the crowd.

In the dream I'm like o.k., but you're looking on land. They came by boat, one that goes under a boardwalk or something and there's stairs so you wouldn't even see the boat. They parked under it and dressed like servers.

Then I woke up.

Ya, lol, that was a fun one smile

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