In my main dream last night (the other was weird and short...i cant recall if it was before or after my main 1..i was in a subway reading, i was shocked by what what i was reading [the book kept on switching but i kept on reading like it was not happening] but it was all acting because i was a spy...i remember going wher i was supposed to be and started my spy work but thats all...i think Daniel Craig was there and i think he was not pleased with me or he was surprised that i was a spy) there was an invasion of aliens (from the movies with Ripley) and we were a bunch of people who were hiding in an abandoned house but they finally found us and we all started running away but I realised that everyone left behind a blind woman so I found that disgusting and went back to get her. We both were able to get away and while walking we ended up in an abandoned city and there was a house with people in it but we did not stop there because the lights were on which was stupid since there were lots of aliens on Earth (we did not have electricity were we were but everything was ok) but they saw us and invited us in and we went in just to say no thanks and to tell them that they should hide. They kept on saying that they wanted to help us so I said then give us food and when they gave us a box of food aliens arrived and we both were able to run away again but not far (there was a huge forest behind that house and we were able to hide under a tree at the last second). I remember seeing all the aliens around us then it being morning and us starting to walk again but that's it.