I had a curious dream last week that I've been meaning to share. I babysit my grandnephew a few days a week to help my nephew and his wife. He is an adorable child, so precious! I love to care for him. I dreamed that there was a very small (one foot high) black elephant standing at the foot of his bassinet. A very brief blip of an image.

What an odd image. But when I began to analyze it, it made perfect sense. Here is a mini-interp, if you're interested:
Black. In this context, the black color of the elephant indicates that there is something negative about this elephant. Dark news.
Elephant. Ever hear that saying about how no one wants to notice the elephant in the room? It means there is something undeniable that people are choosing to ignore.
Very small size. Not a large matter or concern at this time.
By bassinet. This symbol is related to the baby.

The interp: This one is easy to interp since it is my dream and I know my waking life situation. Anyway, there has been some hushed concerns over the possibility that something might be wrong with the baby. There have been some small "signs" that could indicate anything from neurological problems to Autism. But they are small symptoms that could be nothing at all so no one wants to call it out just yet. It's just too early.

I must be worried subconsciously to dream this. A tiny black elephant by the bassinet. Isn't it interesting how our dreams/subconscious mind works?

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