Spent nine hours and fortyfour minutes in bed. Had a bad night. Remember two dreams.

I was at a bakery in France. I asked if they had products with no nuts in it and they said yes. I was excited about that and thanked them. I looked around almost drooling and saw they had donuts, I asked them if they had maple and they said yes but that they were all sold. I was asked if I wanted to pre-order some and I said yes, I thought about it since I was alone eating them and I did not eat too much at a time plus things like that did not last long as far as freshnes goes so I asked for three.

I was doing grocery shopping with my parents. We went to a place where they gave two gifts. My dad got one and I got another but made sure there were no nuts in these things. Then my dad decided to let us continue while he would try with another cart to pick a lock (every carts had products where children sits but it was locked), he picked a cart in the middle of the store and tried opening it. Then we were in our old home leaving it to go to our new place, a postman was there and signed my dad that it was okay that he would unlock our fence for us.