Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

I was back in my old home in the bathroom washing my bedding in the bath because that was our washing machine. I had put two big towels next to it in case water would flow out and it did. It was not coming from the top but a lign just below the top. By the end of the cycle my mom came in and it was coming out of everywhere except the top. I was freaking out but for some reason my mom was not (she freak outs normally when 1 dust falls on the floor). I took one or two big towels and put it (threw it would be more like it) in the pile of water that was becoming almost a lake, it was going behind the toilet and it was following that wall. There was lots of electric cords and other electric things that were near, when I did that with the towel or towels this is when my mom started freaking out, she said that I would be the cause of the fire.