Oh Lori...

Just, you have no idea smile

I am "in there" and this is a side step...for whatever reason, I have an adversion to phones and the PM's. But trust and know this...I WILL check for your PM!

Something tells me you're not quite done w/what cha got going on as an (whatever) empath, "Sensitive," Intuitive, etc.

Thing is, see, those words "became," far before we ever even entered our time-period.

As for your children (hugs)...that's something I promised a long time ago.

I'm not certain if you remember or not? But I'd be there, if/when the time ever came. I just can't tell you when exactly that was, just that it was. I, anyway, simply've gotta roll w/it these days.

Take your time, perhaps, should you want to get a PM just right or even, I think I sent my personal email to you but not sure anymore (head thing). I give those only to those whom I trust...ehmmm, that would be you, of course.

If I didn't, I'll give that to you among other things if YOU'D like. It's been coming through a bit at a time. With me, things tend to come in 3's and this last dream, was in fact the 3rd.

BTW...the politics thing? No worries. The dream HE had actually came to pass PHYSICALLY, lol. That's why I said, "finally something happening to someone other than me" lol.

He's not that happy about it, 'cause he sees how - how'd he put it, oh:

"Unsettling it is to be around you...(meaning me, lol)"

Well, so the "table's been 'turned' and it's not unsettling to me at the least - at all. Just a bit humorous is all.

Not certain if this will mean anything, but "knights of (or at) the "round" table.

I will look, whenever you're ready...for whatever it is you're in need of. Love u 2!

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