Lisa, your dream made me smile. First of all, you could use a vacation. smile You are one busy lady.

All of your efforts have an underlying if not overlying tone of altruism. Anyone who knows you knows that you are a great contributor to the greater good of this world. Your understanding about the importance of contribution is so strong that it drives your every thought.

However, you may have had someone in your waking life who has questioned your motives. Or you wonder if he/she/they doubt you.

They wonder if you were given only a few weeks to live, if you would suddenly revert to what they think of as the natural human drive: self-centeredness.

Of course, you know you wouldn't. You know that you'd spend your last waking breaths on trying to do some good.

I know this, too. And this is only one of the reasons why I am honored to know you. smile

Lori Phillips
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