I remember four dreams.

I realised that a tooth of mine had changed place, I was freaking out and at first when I was touching it it did not move but then it started to move so I called my dentist for an urgent appointment.

I was outside naked, my parents came back and I put a towel on me. A Sears package that was mine had arrived so I went in the car in the backseat, dad was driving. Before we arrived I realised I still only had a towel on me so I asked dad to go get the package for me. He wanted me to check it before we drove back home to make sure it was working. I did it and it was working. I have no idea what it was but in my dream I knew.

I was watching a Little House in the Prairie episode. In it Pa realised Ma had cheated on him. He yelled at her then decided to leave because of the betrayal and her not showing any remorse. After he said his goodbye to his kids (only the 2 oldest were there) he went away. Ma started to dance and sing. Pa found work and he always made sure to send money back home. Ma was still doing her normal things but she was so happy. Pa's work was with explosives, when they detonated it went up in the air and became fireworks. Once it happened and the girls could see it.

It was about my four musketeers, I either put them to bed or woke them up.