I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that a woman was making a huge sacrifice for her children that turned out also saved the world. Her sacrifice was dropping huge things from the sky, I remember it being blocks with I think numbers on it. I also remember that dream being about Godzilla but him not being in it.

I went with Gordon Ramsay to the re-opening of a restaurant he had helped. It was beautiful and the food looked good. A little after starting to eat he said that he also had music and it was Rammstein, I was happy about that thinking that it was from a radio but then I slowly realised they were actually playing in the restaurant. I looked at him with huge eyes and he was smiling. I got up and searched for them, the restaurant then looked like a store. I found them and they were playing on shelves. I started to cry when I saw them and fell on my knees. Till (the singer) went to see me and after kneeling down hugged me. It then started all over again in a new restaurant and that time when I saw them they were not playing on shelves and the place did not turned into a store.