Thank you Lori smile

Ya, that prage thing threw me for a loop, BIG TIME! We're talking, it's one thing to have some sort of clue about what you're dreaming and at least for me...there's not a night I don't have one. But, I feel less anxious understanding the place has something to do w/this whole thing.

Back in the "What do you see for the elections and environment" thread in Clairvoyance - even before Obama was elected - I remember like it was yesterday...(readings and emotions w/me are like reels of a movie and STICK) saying, "Russia, doesn't go away."

And, yes...the "events" as explained - are NOT what they appear to be. Those are directly and quite specifically my feelings.

Thank you again, for your time and energy ~0~

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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