Ok, Debbie. Your second dream. Again, quite relevant to your waking life situation.

The heavy breathing presence in the upstairs of your house represents that presence of your deceased boyfriend whom you think about all the time. The upstairs of a house usually symbolizes a higher consciousness state. Did you notice that when you all went to investigate, you found no physical presence?

Your bedroom is your private retreat. It's stuffy in there because in your waking life, you've been grieving deeply for a while, cocooning. You're ready to open the window for some fresh air (inspiration, new life). The darkness outside and the nearby ocean both represent your emotional state. Your emotions seem to be calming down some.

Your own inner light is drawing some positive things into your life but you keep pushing them out! A black molly fish is remarkable in that it bears live young. In dreamspeak, to me, this fish represents a very fertile project for you. Black represents death, emotions, mourning, spirituality so it might be a project involving how you're coping with your grief?

Same for the black bird. Birds symbolize many things but here, it is your hopes or goals. Again, regarding the same topics as above. Have you been thinking about writing a book about your experience?

Your higher self is being quite insistent upon not shooing away this particular bird, Debbie.

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