This one's short.

I don't like the feeling of this one. The other one was so wonderful though. It ties someway into Amy Grant's "I need a silent night" song.

I also had a dream about my daughter - but that's for later. I'll have to try to write it out first.

AND, just incase anyone is wondering - there's no drugs, illicits or otherwise. I just have insomnia. I've always had these types of dreams. Even since a kid. That's it. I did take a generic sleeping pill you can easily get at WM.

Dream (And this one was audial (sp):

My husband said, I said:

"The sky is falling co-8. G,H or Q -8. I can't see. Co-8, q-8, g or H-8, the sky is falling."

Then I went back to sleep. It was one of those where you sit up, I guess and talk.

Even after mid-day, I remembered, though. So that's when I asked my husband.

I'm like do you know what qu-8 or co-8 or g/h - 8 is? I had a dream and meant to ask you about it.

That's when he told me what I said.

But it was like 3 words. "Q" or "G" eight..."the sky is falling."

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