Spent less than eight hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

I was on Titanic. I met Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) on it. We ended up not too long after making love. Almost immediately the ship started to sank, we were separated (before he was dressed as Batman...i ran to see him and give him 1 last kiss...we did not know he would die so it was like a good luck eventhough we were both scared). When I learned that he died I fell on my knees then screamed and cfied. Celine Dion's song was playing on the background but in my dream I did not heard it, I decided to spend my life giving to charity in his name. I saw myself while the song was still playing dressed in black and entering a building with his name, I was very sad and knew that this would be like I would be until I died but at least I would do charity work.