I remember three dreams.

A virus or something else was in the air and like at the last second I was able with other people to escape underground in what turned out to be a facility where food, water, electricity and laboratories were there. A few scientists were with me so they would do tests to determined what happened and if it was done. I even participated in the tests by taking air from outside and bringing it inside to test. The people who stayed outside either all died or became like zombies. The last test (air i took) was determined to be almost all clear.

It started by me looking at old movies or looking at pictures of celebrities from the fifties or around there then I was there for a short while, some of them were imposters. Then it was Jennifer Anniston who sent an imposter in a house and the plan was to go there a short time after her exact lookalike came out but she realised after going there that the lookalike had been exposed.

Me and a few people were in a tour and the guide was Jimmy Fallon. He asked us if we wanted to see his secret place and we said yes and he showed us. We has to climb steep stairs inside a big building and there was a huge room with many books, there were also windows with an amazing view. I or someone else asked if he had a bathroom and he said yes I even have a kitchen there then me or someone else said wow so you can stay here a long time and he either said yes or smiled. We looked around and watched the view. I did not know whether to look at the book or the view, I was impressed by both.