I remember four dreams.

All I remember is hiding and that we were a group of people who had to find one or more things and that one psychopath was around the huge place we were in (i think we were living there and then he was able to find it and enter it), while I and a few others (2 i think) were looking in one place we realised he was there so we split and at a few times the psychopath was near me but he never saw me.

I got an apartment of my own. While I was getting it ready I thought about adopting an animal so I imagined how it would be which each of them, I abandoned having a Bird because it would meant being in the apartment most of the time to make up for the lost time while at work then I thought that this would pretty much erase all the animals besides Fishes and Cats, I wanted a pet to cuddle with so at the end I choose a Cat, then I was thinking of what to pick, a kitten or an adult.

All I remember is experiments being done on people (1 i remember - 1 woman who was pregnant was put to sleep before giving birth and they put ashes of someone she loved or a stranger in the fetus).

A woman had put the ashes of her husband in lights that she had put outside. When she returned home one day she found some missing, while she was inside calling the cops (she was of course freaking out) the others were stolen. She screamed when she realised the other lights were now missing why, who would stole small solar lights.