I remember one dream.

It was the Olympics. I wanted to see Rafael Nadal play but could not find him anywhere. There were many (more than 10) channels that were showing different events but soon after they all or almost all were showing either the same events or just changing events every seconds or minutes. I was angry because I had found something else to watch that was interesting, I kept changing all the channels then remembering others and when going there that too was the same or kept changing. Over there it was really weird, all the events were packed together, they showed an view from the air and it was like small boxes all next to each others. I was checking out a swim race of women when one accidently swallowed water, she immediately stopped and came back up but would not move, it looked like she was in a trance. I was shocked that nobody would come to her rescue then suddenly I was there and I was the one who rescued her and made sure doctors looked at her. She still would not move until one time where she moved a little but almost immediately stopped and fell face first on stairs and I screamed for someone to help her, dad was there and he grabbed her head and I ran for help. Finally an ambulance came and took her, the ambulance was a jeep and there were three or four paramadics in it and only one had came out for the woman. Seconds after starting the car it stopped, we could hear Lions near and the man who had came out was also driving and was like oh no this is just what we needed. I and others or some or one went outside the jeep or and stayed in put through a window or the window of the ceiling of the jeep with a gun and were looking everywhere to see where the Lions were while the man was hurrying up outside to start the car again. He did and came back inside to in time start the car when the Lions ended up where the jeep was. Most of the Lions started to run after us and most could actually keep up, the man was not stopping even for stops or red lights or anything else because if that car would stop driving it would again stop working.