I remember two dreams.

Dwayne Johnson was in it. I only remember one part where he was naked and at first I could not see anything so I was disappointed but then I could see and I was disappointed but then I told myself that it was not his fault then I saw another angle and that angle did not disappoint.

All the actors and actresses of Full House were there. The middle child was going to a school and she had a boyfriend and a car. The oldest child came to see her and she told her that she needed to go somewhere real quick during lunch but she could not because her boyfriend had the car. Her sister told her you know this is why you got a car, to be able to go to places without being late and asking for a lift, she said I know. Then it was an opened day for that school and the dad went to talk to the boyfriend and he was make believing that he had a class but could not figure out the plans to find where it was, the dad said oh well I am good at these things what is your class and soon after a man came in and said the name of a class and where it was and that it was about to start and of course the boyfriend well what do you know it is my class, of course the dad did not believe that and started to follow the boyfriend.