Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

A young couple had their first date. The young man was very strong and was about to enter the military and the young woman was very nice. She saw someone come from behind him with a needle but when she started warning him he was hit with it and fastly fell asleep, she was hit too from behind with a needle and the same thing happened to her. They woke up together in a different place. They were able to get out then the same thing happened, people would drug them and they would wake up in a different place and they had to get out. One time though they woke up during an operation, the people that were doing it decided to start taking body parts out to make things difficult. The woman woke up with fingers cut off and the man woke up to toes cut off, she had her face left alone but for him it was not the same, his eyes and mouths were covered by bandages and it was shut by stiches. Both were screaming (i dont think they were supposed to woke up during that time and i think the man would of had his face allright after that...it was just a feeling that part of the dream had).